Offer of services

According to specific needs, the studio provides both its technical equipment for hire and production services from script-writing, etc. to a final key-ready product (FULL HD Formats, DVD, VHS, Betacam, DVCam, etc.)

All prices negotiable



Camera and accessoriesCamera SONY DVCam 570 WSPL

  • Camera SONY DVCam 570 WSPL
  • Camera lens A13x6.3 BRM-SD - 2/3" lens FUJI 13x servo zoom
    6.3-82mm/12.6-164mm (extendr. 2pcs)
  • monitor 9" PVM-9L2E – batteries used from the camera; wireless connection with the camera
  • camera stand - Sachtler Panorama 7 + 7 - tripod
  • batteries - 3x Sony BP-L60, 1x BP-IL75, 1x BP-GL-95

  • Camera SONY HVR-Z1 HDV
  • Wide Conversion Lens
  • All accessories - tripod, batteries etc.


  • Camera SONY PMW-EX3 - FULL HD, HDV
  • records on solid-state memory cards
  • All accessories - tripod, batteries etc.


Editing rooms

Editing room

  • EDIUS, AVID, and also a studio for shooting, interviewing, keying, projecting, complete post-production services – the sound system Digidesign DIGI 002, Pro Tools, Spirit 32, the capacity for voice-over recording, dabbing, etc.
  • Specialization for all existing formats (HD, HDV, BetaCam, DVCam, XDCam etc.)


Pilotless helicopter


  • The type of helicopter - Caliber ZG - the horse - power - 7 HP, loading limit 8 kg
  • Hhelicopter is controlled without visual contact
    - The view is transfered to the baseline not only from camera, but from the "cockpit" as well.
  • the camera unit is controlled fully from the baseline,
    it is rotated around its own axis and helicopters axis as well



Lightening equipment


  • akulicht (Sachtler Reporter 75 HAB - videolight 75W, frosted glas)
  • Kaiser videolight 8S 300 W & camera stand
  • reflector Q1000 - 1000 W & camera stand
  • Raedhead set - 800W (3x) - clappers, protective glass, camera stands
  • ARRI - LED adjustable colour with a dimmer
  • Fomei miror (rear reflector) – a 108cm set with a holding device and a stand
  • &accessories – filters, dimmers, etc.



  • SQN-3M - broadcast mix 3-1
  • Audio recorder Tascam HD-P2 - uses solid-state memory cards, synchronization TC with the camera
  • microport Sennheiser for all types of microphones
  • tie clip mic
  • shotgun mic - Sennheiser MKH-416P48
  • hand mic - Sennheiser MD 421
  • VDB S-CL - Carbon mic. boom pole (billiard cue) & Zeppelin set
  • & a wide range of other accessories (cables, etc.)